Debut album „Sabotage and Tradition“

* Nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award 2020 (Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik)’

* No. 5 of the ‘Balkan World Music Chart – The First Quarter 2020’

“…the debut album demonstrates the full range of their folk and musical credentials…Hajnalka Péter’s growing vocal reputation is evident throughout as she stitches the songs together, awakes the senses and provides everything from energy, vibrancy, softness and intrigue that complements”
Songlines Magazine, UK ****

…this debut album as a whole are true jackpots”
Lira Music Magazine, Sweden

“…the Sabotage and Tradition album attracts attention and there is no escape from there, we just fly with the music” Ekultura, Hungary

“…better to listen to this surprising debut!” Blogfoolk, Italy

…Lakvar’s music sounds like gypsy musicians jamming with the Weather Report
in the Danube Delta.”
Ritmus és Hang, Hungary


26.01.2024 Kulturhaus Schwanen Waiblingen

12.10.2023 Release Konzert Laboratorium

06.12.2023 * Theaterhaus Stuttgart

05.12.2023 * Theaterhaus Stuttgart

12.08.2023 * Sziget Festival Hungary

11.08.2023 * Magyar Zene Háza Hungary

04.08 2023 * Silk Studio Tbilisi Georgia

02.08.2023 * Leno Records Georgia

01.08.2023 * Jazz Cafe Konga Tbilisi Georgia

22.03.2023 * Verdi Schlossplatz Stuttgart

12.07.2022 * Sommerfestival der Kulturen Stuttgart

30.03.2022 * Jazz Club BIX Stuttgart

09.09.2021 * Together Festival Stuttgart

25.07.2020 * Art Gene Festival Tbilisi Georgia
24.07.2020 * Zazanova Tbilisi Georgia
22.07.2020 * Backstage 76 Tbilisi Georgia
20.07.2020 * Bridge Hostel Records Tbilisi Georgia
14.07.2020 * Festival der Kulturen Römerkastell Stuttgart
20.06.2020 * Hafen Flaneur Salon Bad-Cannstatt
20.06.2020 * Early Pálinka Konzert Filderstadt
27.02.2020 * Laboratorium Stuttgart
11.05.2019 * Adler Meidlstetten
01.05.2019 * St. Maria Stuttgart Roma & Sinti Festival
09.03.2019 * Schwäbisch Gmünd Gmünd Folk e.V
02.12.2018 * Theaterhaus Stuttgart
12.10.2018 * Heidelberg Festival
15.09.2018 * Mannheim Festival
12.09.2018 * Mannheim
28.07.2018 * Sommerfest Kulturinsel Stuttgart
01.05.2018 – Lakvar // DGB Marktplatz Bietigheim – Bissingen
03.02.2018 – Laboratorium, Stuttgart
16.12.2017 – Winnenden
15.12.2017 – Rakete, Stuttgart
11.10.2017 – Theater hinterm Scheuerntor



‘If the voice of a human being contains her entire universe, then it is the voice of LAKVAR singer Hajnalka Péter. Her voice gives everything she is. And there is nothing more than giving oneself.’ 

Kincses Réka film director

LAKVAR are a Contemporary Folk Music group, founded by Hungarian-Bulgarian singer Hajnalka Péter and Georgian composer and guitarist Zura Dzagnidze. The band includes an array of talented and diverse musicians: Hungarian Jazz bass player Péter Papesch, Bulgarian-Turkish percussionist Tayfun Ates, German Jazz violin player Florian Vogel, Italian drummer Santino Scavelli and Latvian accordion player Aleksejs Maslakovs.

LAKVAR’S sound brings together the band’s musical and cultural backgrounds, drawing on roots in traditional Folk from East of Europe, Jazz, as well as progressive Rock and experimental influences. The music plays with darkness and light to create a unique sound. Strong and soaring melodies combine with complex rhythms, moments of stillness and fragility meet free and fearless improvisation and virtuosity. Hajnalka’s vocal character use different traditional styles to unlock gates to hidden emotional, emerging from the music like a mystical and ancient spell.

Not limited by convention, LAKVAR take musical risks to break through the borders and boundaries of musical tradition and open up new path between them.




Hajnalka Péter